English as an Anti-Uber weapon

English as an Anti-Uber weapon


It is a known fact that the governments everywhere across Europe are trying to stand against Uber. In comparison with the traditional taxi services, Uber is often cheaper as the Uber drivers do not buy licenses and usually evade taxes.

So, London’s government decided to put Uber drivers through English-Proficiency test to protect licensed taxi services. It could be a good idea regarding the passengers’ comfort.

The government’s position is clear: If the passenger, for instance, needs medical help, or he knows a quicker route, the driver should understand him. Anyway, that is important in the context of safety.

However, Uber sues the government and insists that these rules are unnecessarily burdensome and even discriminatory. Uber accuses them, that by doing this way they are closing the possibility of earning a crust. 
We are wondering, who will win?

(By the way, if the driver cannot confirm the knowledge of the English language documentary, then the test will cost him 200 pounds.)

Английский язык как средство борьбы с Uber-ом

Full story: washpost.bloomberg.com

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